Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Obits - Milan Mirror-Exchange

I occasionally wander the pages of obscure newspapers searching for - I'm not sure - images that capture the imagination, perhaps. The Milan-Mirror Exchange obits section (Obits - Milan Mirror-Exchange) notes the passing of Ms. Hattie Delmer Eddings, a woman of 100 years and great, great, grandmother to three kids. I don't know why this is important, or relevant, but I'm sure the good people of Mirror, Tennessee, must have some memories and stories. The web gives us so much trivia, and sometimes we must fill in the blanks. I wonder if Ms. Delmer-Eddings in her time baked apple pie, or was she sent up the river for participating in a fraud. Perhaps she masterminded some great scheme to bring water to a famine stricken part of Africa, or founded the local newspaper within which this final comment was printed. Or maybe she just lived for her family, kids, and their lives - an achievement in itself.

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