Monday, March 27, 2006

Interesting Stories of the day...

40 people killed in Iraqi blast near Mosul. Ukranian Leaders battling for power. Tony Blair making one headline statement after another. Oh, and the New York Times reports that apparently George W. Bush planned to go into Iraq all along.

Blair is planning to go only after he fixes the Health Service problems - I presume that's the health service in Britain, not Iraq. And he admits to it being a mistake saying he wouldn't be PM for the next election. Anti-American is madness, Blair trumpets in a major speech to the Australian parliament. Gotta love the reporter who asked whether he had any advice for the English sprint relay team on how to pass on the baton (English sprint relay team in Commonwealth Games dropped the aforementioned...)

Pity about Yuschenko and the problems in Ukraine. Seems that the wily old Soviets managed to queeze in between the divided liberals. Still, should Mr. Yuschenko manage to swallow some pride and accept his erstwhile Liberal nemesis Ms. Tymoshenko back in as PM, maybe a focus on a 'not-gone-away-yet' Soviet conservative bloc might help them to concentrate on strategic imperatives for the long term future of an important, potentially EU, country. This kick in the proverbials should serve as a timely reminder that success in the Orange Revolution thing was only the beginning, and not an end in itself.

And finally, to George. I don't understand it. The liberal press in America simply have to understand that George broke international law, knowingly, and everyone knows he did, but also that he got away with it. Let it go, Louis, as the Budweiser frog said. Focus on the here and now. Beating this drum is tired, and we need new stuff. We need to understand more about the Enron trial, and where Mr. Cheney really fits in. We need to know about who authorised the side-letter concession on the Patriot Act. This thing is simply appalling. Basically, Bush said that he'd accede to the checks and balances stuff contained within the new version of the controversial act, but would not be so obligated where he considered it important enough. Reminds me of constitutions of places like China (everyone can have Human Rights, all the rights they want, except when the government thinks that they shouldn't have them) or Bangaldesh (human rights for all save where human rights contradict the Sharia Law).

So I'm hereby guaranteeing everyone in the whole world that I'm giving each of you a million dollars (or Euros), save where I feel, subjectively, that such an act may compromise National Security. Just apply to this blog, and I'll get back to you. Trust me.

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