Friday, March 31, 2006

Laughing in the face of Tyranny

Joe Conason's excellent piece in ("Saddam chose to deny inspectors" | again, laboriously, ridiculously, highlights the lies of the Bush administration. One can always spin, fudge, and obfuscate, but this is crazy stuff.

Repeatedly, unrepentantly, and blatantly, the White House has continued to lie about Iraq. Now here's the question - why? It is clear that there is a massive rump of support that will believe anything that comes out of the mouth of the president. They will trust him - and that is key - to do what he feels is in the best interests of the country. On top of that, his poll ratings couldn't be much lower. So why doesn't he just come out with it? 'We need to secure our oil interests, and we may be acting selfishly, but it is in our national economic self-defence.' A la Michael McDowell, he may be loathed by a section of the community, but they're democrats anyway. So why doesn't he just come out and say it? Here's a theory - he's more concerned with international opinion than with doestic opinion. Being perceived as a dumb ass might actually help him, and America, retain some level of standing. If I had a Euro for each of my European acquaintances who have said 'I love America, it's just your president that sucks...'

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