Thursday, February 15, 2007

McDowell Launches Poster Campaign Lauding Rights Restrictions

Michael McDowell today launched a new poster campaign listing all of the things Michael McDowell has done since becoming Minster for Justice. "In my tenure, I have overseen deep resentment in the Gardaí over undertrained revervists in a vain effort to make up for my own failure in recruiting more Gardaí; massive corruption in the force in Donegal; abusing the rights of Irish citizens in nursing homes; deporting Irish born babies; exponentially increasing the gap between rich and poor; undermining the judicial process by denying Frank Connolly a presumption of innocence; directly compromising the separation of powers by telling the judges what to do when considering bail terms; lowering myself to ego-baiting against Richard Bruton; mis-representing the will of the Irish people, and embarrassing the nation by not buying a wig."

He continued "we look forward to your support in the next general election."

The PD's did nothing, apparently, and if you look at the home page there is a vague reference to health turning the corner, but apart from that it is justice, crime and Michael McDowell.

How the party must hate him - he may well manage to have himself and no one else elected to the Dáil next time out.

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