Monday, April 10, 2006

Center for Public Inquiry Shuts Down Quietly

McDowell victorious again! In an inside article in today's Irish Times (subs reqd), Liam Reid notes that the former High Court judge and Chairman of the Center for Public Inquiry has declared that the CPI, pilloried by the so-called Justice Minister, and ultimately compromised by his breach of secrecy in disclosing confidential security data to a foreign citizen, to be at an end. The winding down of the CPI is being completed, and McDowell can laugh smugly in his victory.

His ignorance of the rule of law, due process, the presumption of innocence, and the separation of powers has been astounding. As Minister for Justice, he has sullied government and stained the state. He has rejected what so many of us cherish, he has misrepresented his constituents, and brought great dishonour on us all. Yet we, the apathetic, do nothing. The chattering classes mumble in some slight discomfort, but do nothing. The political classes defer to his leadership of the government (see the Waterford Speech) and rest contented that a potential bastion of the propriety of state has been laid to rest. Well done Michael. We can all sleep easier in our beds knowing that this unscrutinised rabble in Leinster House will be ever less scrutinised with you in charge. Now where's that press council, so I can put the final nail in democracy's coffin.

He should be ashamed of himself. Everything is wrong with this, everything.

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